Marissa Alexander travels the country delivering keynotes and engaging in conversation with audiences, community and business leaders, and policymakers. She establishes dialogue that addresses the conscious and unconscious regression of families and communities, and the institutionalized racism and gender and sexual violence.

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Self Care: Personal Best for Interpersonal Success

In this talk, Marissa shares how making self care a priority helped her create habits for personal and interpersonal success.

From Sugar To Stink and Back: The Fall and Rise of A Domestic Abuse Survivor

Marissa gives a light-hearted and inspiring look into how her life changed when she went from being a successful IT professional, MBA, wife, and mother and stepmother of five children to an offender sentenced to 20 years in prison.  She shares how she overcame divorce, depression, self-neglect, and a career-ending felony conviction to become one of the most sought after public speakers

Establishing and Maintaining Violence-Free Relationships, A Co-Ed Conversation

Marissa invites women and men to join discussions about solving the crisis of domestic, dating and relationship violence, and sexual harassment.

Learning To Love The One You Left: Habits for Healthy Co-Parenting

When lovers become enemies, co-parenting can be a nightmare – with the children hanging in the balance. Marissa shares how she overcame the trauma of her ex-husband’s abuse and learned to appreciate him as a father.

Life or Death, Freedom or Prison: Domestic Violence Truths and Consequences

Marissa provides insight into the dilemma domestic violence victims face: tolerate the abuse and risk their lives or defend themselves and risk their freedom. She talks about her experience with the criminal justice system, the post-conviction aftereffects on her family, and her reentry into society.

Juvenile Injustice In America: Closing The School-To-Prison Pipeline

Marissa discusses the school and juvenile justice policies that create a funnel that disproportionately lands young people of color in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

Politics and Punishment: The Business of Criminalizing Domestic Violence Survivors

Marissa shares her experience and insights into the politics, dollars, and nonsense of criminalizing women who were forced to defend themselves against their abusers.


As a formerly criminalized survivor of domestic abuse, Marissa educates and provides insights into the cycles of abuse, and the subsequent trauma survivor-defendants experience in the criminal justice system. As a survivor-defendant, she provides expertise on the barriers that many women face after leaving a violent partner, as well as the unjust system that punishes and removes freedom for women and girls who choose to survive.

Learn more about sample workshops below.

Marissa delivers presentations and workshops, and facilitates open discussions about domestic, dating, and relationship violence, and their impact on employee productivity, workplace morale, and corporate bottom line. This module promotes self-awareness and encourages employees to recognize signs and symptoms of abuse and understand its impact on personal development and career success.